Schlupfmütze "Dino" von HUTTELiHUT

by Kinderladen Spatz

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moosgrüne Schlupfmütze "Dino" aus Wollwalk mit Zacken

außen Walk (80% Wolle), Innenfutter aus Samt (80% Baumwolle)

Größe ca. 47 bis 49 cm, passend für Kinder von etwa 1 Jahr

HUTTELiHUT was founded on sustainable values – making products that would last for years, in quality and design. We ware inspired by the move towards a more sustainable world, improving the way ressources are spent. UN´s Sustainable Development Goals guides us to make our products even better.

We stive for local production in Denmark and Europe, which are our main markets. Many ouf our yarns, fabrics and products are manufactured in Denmark an Poland by family owned suppliers.